Meet Grail
a more challenging
gaming experience
A multi-platform, modular,
universal engine for embedding
advanced AI in games.
A middleware for simulating
and optimizing agent behavior
in multi-agent environments

Grail is the result of our R&D project, driven by the industry’s need for both reaching new frontiers of user engagement as well as increasing the quality of the development process itself. A new tool for modeling agent behavior in simulations and video games. The premise is simple – we enable the introducing of complex AI without the cost of recruiting / maintaining a team of AI experts and mathematicians. Moreover, there is no need to rewrite existing code.

After integrating our programming library with the game environment, the AI can be modified and tweaked independenty, by means of approachable GUI tools. Plugins for two of the most popular game engines (Unreal, Unity) will be available soon, significantly lowering the entry barrier for using truly cutitng-edge AI in the industry.

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R&D objectives
of the Grail project
stronger AI in games
enjoyable AI
tools non-experts
can use to make expert
AI in a game
more formal approach
to embedding AI
in video games
explainable AI
faster development process
enabling automated
game testing and balancing
bringing scientific
results into gamedev
How it is done
Project mission
Our mission is to deliver cutting-edge AI solutions to game developers. The mission of the AI is to equip actors, group of actors with realistic sophisticated behavior.
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