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With Grail, we are equipping game creators and developers with state-of-the-art AI. Not only is the implementation of AI easier, but also the development and testing processes are sped up. Grail allows for creation of human-like AI powered agents. Check out the games below and see for yourself.

Tactical Troops

Tactical Troops screenshot
The AI in Tactical Troops is running on Grail thoroughly. Tactical Troops is a squad-based tactical game with turn-based gameplay and continuous movement without a grid. It fits the frame of an ideal showcase of Artificial Intelligence. Bots need to tackle many challenges in real-time, e.g. choose their current objectives, reason in a dynamic environment, select the right weapon or gadget for the job, attack, take cover, support, etc.
Grail has allowed us to develop AI in Tactical Troops in a modular fashion using two of its three main algorithms. On the top-most level, there is a strategic AI operated by Grail's Utility System. The strategic component sets orders for units e.g. where to go, who to cover or attack. The orders are passed to the tactical AI, which is implemented using Grail's simulation-based methods. The tactical AI plans each turn within certain constraints set by the strategic layer. Both strategic and tactical components operate with their own set of behaviors. They interact with the environment as well as with each other using the blackboard architecture. Publication 2021-04-15 by QED Games.

Ancestors Legacy

Ancestors Legacy screenshot
First prototypes of Grail's algorithms were used in Ancestors Legacy, a real-time strategy game by Destructive Creations. For this project, we developed a bot for online multiplayer games, capable of controlling up to five players at once. The approach used in Ancestors was based on a multi-agent system, using utility-based AI to perform various tasks, such as attack target selection on strategic and tactical levels or determining the right build order. The ideas and experiences gathered during our collaboration served as a cornerstone for the techniques used in the final version of the framework.

Hard West 2

Ancestors Legacy screenshot
Our newest Grail implementation! Hard West 2 by Ice Code Games is almost ready! We cannot tell you much yet, but we promise it will be worth the wait. HW2 is a dark western, tactical game with… our impossible AI! Check it out on steam

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