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Licensing options

At the moment, we offer 3 licensing options applicable to commercial projects of various sizes, as well as an academic license.

The price is determined individually and depends on the estimated budget of the game. Exact pricing is available after a consultation and includes additional options chosen by the client.

Development Budget
> 1.5M USD
500k - 1.5M USD
< 500k USD
Fee (per game)
Individual estimation
50k USD
20k USD
Commercial use
Licence duration
Grail Features:
Multi-agent system
Utility AI
Planners (GOAP)
Simulated Games (MCTS)
Standalone GUI tool for
configuration and debugging
Windows, Linux
Library (C#, C++): Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS, XBox, Playstation, Switch
Individual Support
2 years
1 year
Professional Services
80 USD/h
80 USD/h
80 USD/h

If you have any questions, read our Licensing FAQ or contact us directly at [email protected]

Licensing FAQ

One license is applicable to one game, along with DLC and any derivative works. It may be applied starting from the development stage, with no time limit or limit on the number of users - development positions.

The price depends on the estimated complete production budget as well as selected additional options (such as chosen support or logo waiver).
We know that often the cost of AI is perceived as a necessary evil (or dead cost). Using Grail allows for lowering this expense. Shorter development, need for fewer people etc. allow for cost reduction, while at the same time providing better quality of the finished product.

Yes. We provide the opportunity to purchase professional support. Our experts will transfer knowledge and know-how so that later your employees feel comfortable working independently.

Simply, contact us. We will guide you step by step through the Grail purchase process - evaluation of game size, needed additional options and signing the license agreement.
If you are interested in trying out Grail GUI Tool it is available in our Grail Shop.

Supporting research and education is a part of our mission. We strive to enable creation of innovative solutions. Therefore, we offer an academic license - a free non-commercial version of Grail. To obtain it, please contact us directly.

Yes, we require all projects created using AI powered by Grail to be adequately attributed.
In certain circumstances and by additional payment, we offer a logo waiver, which allows for the use of Grail technology without marking the project with our logotype.

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