At the consultancy that was to guide us through the maze of formal requirements Robert joined the team. He had the best idea how to fit the product with the market. Maciek knew how and what to create. Przemek was able to make it work financially. At the moment the team looked complete, by they didn’t seem to exactly agree during the first meeting, so there also was some job for me after all. One month left. The race was on.

And race we did. The writing proved to be the least of our problems. Attempts at forming the consortium, proceeding with tenders for sub-contracting work, identifying the required skills for the target team, all of which was required to have a solid case, took half of our time away. The other half was consumed by trying to make an educated guess how the market and the world will look in 3 years. During the third half, on evenings and weekends, we banged on our keyboards.