by Maciej Świechowski

Nature-Inspired Algorithms


“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better” – Albert Einstein

Since ancient times, nature has been serving as inspiration for humans in the shaping of our civilization and culture. A plethora of brilliant inventions happened just through careful observation of nature. For example, geckos’ feet with millions of microscopic sticky hairs inspired researchers to develop a similar tape-like material. Various synthetic materials were invented after analysis of the natural counterparts, especially chitins and furs of animals. Many shapes of machines were inspired by animals, in particular, those animals which really excel at doing something – the fastest runners, the best swimmers or the most efficient energy savers. The dream of flight sparkled in our minds probably because we were envy of all those colourful birds flying around. The ultra-fast Shinkansen Bullet Train’s nose was modelled by a bird-watching engineer Eiji Nakatsu, which helped to reduce power consumption and the noise problem and enabled faster speeds. We could keep going and not stop.

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