At the beginning of IT every-day user communication with computer systems based only on text. Now some of us already get used to AI talking and responding to us on our computers, mobiles and car navigation. We also already saw many androids or AI systems like autonomous hoovers or even cars moving freely around. Now Ex Machina movie androids with human face have just become reality. Sophia presented in March 2017 on SXSW Interactive Festival by Hanson Robotics company can talk, look at us and express 60 gestures or emotions on its face including lips movement for everything it (or she) is pronouncing.

This android was such a sensation at the festival that journalists run interviews and press conferences with it like with human celebrities. Her special face skin rubber-like material was even got it’s own name – frubber by Hanson Robotics inventors.

Almost as impressive as the android itself were opinions of its inventor. According to Dr. David Hanson, robots need to have a “beautiful and expressive” face so that they can communicate more intuitively with humans. Dr. Hanson said that he hopes Sophia as a software and hardware platform will be a “nexus” for developing other robots with facial expressions and social presence. In the future, these robots could be employed as ebola nurses or even tap into their super-intelligence to become Chief Robotics Officers at a big corporation. “Robots will be more human than human,” Dr. Hanson said, “more intelligent, more ethical. Better at certain tasks because robots don’t lose their patience.”


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