(C++)  1.0
A multi-platform, modular, universal engine for embedding advanced AI in games.
grail::simulation::SimulatedGameIterationSnapshot Struct Reference

#include <GUISerializationStructs.h>

Public Member Functions

void Clear ()
 Clears all the stored data.

Public Attributes

size_t number = 0
std::vector< SimulatedGameUCTEventSnapshotuctSnapshots = {}
 Events that happened during the iteration in the UCT (selection) phase.
std::vector< SimulatedGameMonteCarloEventSnapshotmonteCarloSnapshots = {}
 Events that happened during the iteration in the Monte Carlo (simulation) phase.
std::vector< float > scores = {}
 Scores achieved by teams at the end of the iteration.

Detailed Description

DTO - data transfer object / plain data object. Container for debug data that describes a single iteration performed by SimulatedGame.

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