(C++)  1.0
A multi-platform, modular, universal engine for embedding advanced AI in games.
grail::simulation::SimulatedGameHelper Struct Reference
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Public Member Functions

void SetTeamCount (int teamCount)
void SetExplorationRatio (double exploratioRatio)
void SetFreezeVisitsTreshold (size_t treshold)
void Reset ()
 Resets to a state adequate to the start of a new simulation.
void ApplyActions () const
 Applies deferred actions (to be called when the process falls out of the tree and Monte Carlo phase is started).
void ApplyActionsWithDebug (SimulatedGameObserverForGUI &observer) const
void Backpropagation ()
void BackpropagationWithTerminal (std::vector< float > &scores)
 This is backpropagation that checks whether a state is terminal.

Public Attributes

double explorationConstant
size_t freezeVisitsTreshold
std::vector< SimulatedGameNode * > visitedNodes
std::vector< size_t > actionIndicesHistory
std::unique_ptr< SimulatedGameRuntimeruntimeControl


class SimulatedGameObserverForGUI

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