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A multi-platform, modular, universal engine for embedding advanced AI in games.
grail::planning::Planner Class Reference

The main class responsible for finding paths in plan space. More...

#include <Planner.hh>


struct  AbstractPlan
struct  Config

Public Member Functions

 Planner (MemoryPool &memory)
 Planner (MemoryPool &memory, const WorldState &initialState, const Config &config=Config{})
void SetIterationLimit (std::size_t iterationLimit)
void SetMaxPlanLength (int maxDepth)
void SetMaxPlanCost (double maxCost)
void SetHeuristic (PlannerHeuristic heuristic)
void ResetConfig (const Config &config)
void PushCondition (ConditionFunction condition)
AbstractPlan GetPartialPlan () const
PlannerIterationSnapshot GetPlanSnapshot (std::size_t goalNodeIndex, std::size_t iteration) const
void Iterate (std::size_t iterationCount) noexcept
void IterateWithSnapshot (std::size_t iterationCount, PlannerReasonerSnapshot &snapshot, std::size_t minDebugSnapshotIteration=0, std::size_t maxDebugSnapshotIteration=std::numeric_limits< std::size_t >::max()) noexcept
void SetPlanFoundCallback (const std::function< void(const AbstractPlan &)> callbackFunction)
void SetPlanningFailedCallback (const std::function< void()> callbackFunction)
void Reset (const WorldState &initialState)
bool IsComputing () const

Detailed Description

The main class responsible for finding paths in plan space.

Member Function Documentation

void grail::planning::Planner::PushCondition ( ConditionFunction  condition)

Adds a single goal condition to the planner

condition- a boolean function representing a single goal condition

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