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grail::planning::ObjectIndexBinding Class Reference

#include <ObjectIndexBinding.hh>

Public Member Functions

bool TryGetIndexOfObject (const IPlannerObject *object, unsigned int &outIndex) const
template<class ObjectClass >
ObjectClass * GetObjectByIndex (unsigned int index) const


class DomainTranslator

Detailed Description

This class represets a binding between in-game objects (Implementing IPlannerObject interface) and plan-space World Objects

Member Function Documentation

template<class ObjectClass >
ObjectClass* grail::planning::ObjectIndexBinding::GetObjectByIndex ( unsigned int  index) const

Attempts to get IPlannerObject corresponding to the given WorldObject index and cast it to the specified ObjectClass. WARNING! This method uses static_cast!

The requested object pointer if the index is valid, nullptr otherwise
bool grail::planning::ObjectIndexBinding::TryGetIndexOfObject ( const IPlannerObject object,
unsigned int &  outIndex 
) const

Attempts to get WorldObject index corresponding to the given IPlannerObject.

true if a proper value has been assigned to outIndex, false otherwise

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