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A multi-platform, modular, universal engine for embedding advanced AI in games.
grail::SnapshotGenerator< SnapshotType > Class Template Referenceabstract
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Public Member Functions

 SnapshotGenerator (const SnapshotGenerator &)=default
 SnapshotGenerator (SnapshotGenerator &&)=default
SnapshotGeneratoroperator= (const SnapshotGenerator &)=default
SnapshotGeneratoroperator= (SnapshotGenerator &&)=default
void AddReceiver (IDebugSnapshotReceiver *receiver) override
 Registers a receiver for newly created debug snapshots.
void RemoveReceiver (IDebugSnapshotReceiver *receiver) override
 Removes a snapshot receiver.
void ProduceSnapshot () override
 Produces a debug snapshot and sends it to all registered receivers.
void SetTimestampProvider (const std::shared_ptr< ITimestampProvider > &provider) override
- Public Member Functions inherited from grail::ISnapshotGenerator
 ISnapshotGenerator (const ISnapshotGenerator &)=delete
 ISnapshotGenerator (ISnapshotGenerator &&)=delete
ISnapshotGeneratoroperator= (const ISnapshotGenerator &)=delete
ISnapshotGeneratoroperator= (ISnapshotGenerator &&)=delete
virtual void Release ()=0

Protected Member Functions

virtual bool TryProduceSnapshot (SnapshotType &outSnapshot)=0
virtual void PassSnapshotToReceiver (IDebugSnapshotReceiver &receiver, SnapshotType &snapshot)=0

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