(C++)  1.0
A multi-platform, modular, universal engine for embedding advanced AI in games.
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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  • Defines a basic object which can execute behaviors
  • Manages registered entities and shared blackboards
 CBehaviorA high-level abstraction of actions in the game
  • specialized Behavior executing sequence of provided subbehaviors one by one
  • grail's universal data container
 CConfigInterpreterA class used to construct entities and entity groups based on configuration data
  • sink writing messages to standard system output
 CEmplacer< const std::string >
 CEmplacer< planning::TypedObjectParameter< std::string > >
 CEmplacer< std::string >
  • sink writing messages to file
 CITimestampProviderProvides timestamps for debugging purposes, so debug data (e.g. events) can be placed on timeline.
  • preallocated memory container for optimization issues
 CPlannerReasonerA reasoner which uses planners to find optimal sequences of behaviors based on goals
 CPrefabThe Prefab class - responsible for producing contexts and instances of data used by UtilityReasoner
  • Entity's "brain", assigns them behaviors chosen by user-defined algorithms
  • destination of logger messages
 CUtilityReasonerConfigInterpreterA helper class used for creating Utility Reasoner instance using configuration data