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The project concerns creating a component-based engine for embedding advanced artificial intelligence (AI) in games.
The main usage of the AI will be to equip actors or group of actors (often also referred to as characters) with realistic sophisticated behavior. The actors will be able to efficiently drive towards their individually set goals (e.g. trying to beat the human opponent in a war-fare game) as well as adapt to the human player’s way of playing.
The technological solution, which enables realizations of all the final results, can be regarded as an intermediate result, crucial to successful meeting of the goals set.

Software module

Software module

The outcome of the project will be a software module, which, at the time of submitting the present application, has no equivalent on the market.
It can be used in the production of games in order to automatize certain stages of character creation, related to the automatic control of their behavior. The level of automatization is unique on the market.
The project provides very powerful artificial intelligence, which requires only the knowledge about a game’s world and the possibility to evaluate its actions in order to be able to improve its own effectiveness in time.


05.07.2016 Announcing the GameINN contest
11.07.2016 GO Seminar in Warsaw Google Campus
16.08.2016 The team formation. Starting working on the proposal
29.09.2016 Submission of the proposal
Qualification to expert panel
14.12.2016 Results announcement
29.12.2016 Seminar in Kozminski University
Project start
02.03.2017 Beginning PoC Hearthstone
23.03,2017 Start of AAIA'17 Data Mining Challenge
06.04.2017 Podpisanie umowy z NCBR
Have you ever thought

Have you ever thought

Have you ever thought why is AI still so bad in games despite the increasing power of gaming machines? Visual appeal in the form of stunning 3D graphics and push towards photorealism has always been one of the most invested aspect of games. However, are computer characters believable when they look realistic but behave unrealistically at the same time??
The most common problems with AI in games are that it is scripted, predictable, repeatable, exploitable, boring, strategically shallow and stupid. One or more of these problems usually materialize in games.
Demon is our solution to AI in games. It will be released in two operating modes: one aimed at pure competitiveness (power-play) and the other one with a friendly interface to set the design requirements.

R&D project

R&D project

This is an R&D project to apply cutting-edge techniques from various areas of the ongoing research within the Artificial Intelligence (AI) fields.
We believe that it is right time to adapt formal methods to the new environment of video games. These techniques will be enclosed in a self-contained (but configurable), modular component-based engine for AI, which game developers will be thrilled to use! The main usage of the AI will be to equip actors, groups of actors or even whole sides with realistic sophisticated behavior.
We do care about your time, so the system will not require knowledge about the techniques we use behind the scenes. We will make sure to ship guidelines and best practices regarding setting up our engine and getting it running.

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The project

The project has been accepted for funding within a GAMEINN (innovations in games) programme operated by The National Centre for Research and Development (NCBR) in Poland. The project realization started on February 1st 2017.