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How Machine Learning can improve AI in Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

This paper reviews different applications of machine learning techniques in a development of AI player for a collectible card video game Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. Its main objective is to present selected aspects of the game, in which machine learning can help an artificial player to make better decisions and increase its winning chances. Moreover, the paper describes some of experiments conducted by our research team at Silver Bullet Solutions, as a part of the research on GRAIL – a general framework for designing AI players in video games.

Please find below whole article in pdf:

How Machine Learning can improve AI in Hearthstone

Andrzej Janusz
Silver Bullet Labs


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Lecture on Artificial Intelligence in Games

29.12.2016 Leon Koźminski Academy of Entrepreneurship and Management, Warsaw, Poland

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The goal of the lecture was to present an overview of modern approach to artificial intelligence in games.  The lecture was organized in two parts. First was devoted to application of Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) to different aspects of Machine Learning in general and to computer games in particular. The second part was devoted to Monte Carlo Tree Search (MCTS), a technique which might be applied to find optimal decisions in games with perfect or imperfect information.

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