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AAIA’17 Data Mining Challenge Concluded

On 23rd March 2017 our competition AAIA’17 Data Mining Challenge: Helping AI to Play Hearthstone started, and it finished on 28th June 2017 with the final deadline for submissions of papers selected for presentation at the conference.  By the end of competition there were 296 teams from 28 countries registered in the challenge. Among them, 188 teams submitted at least one solution to the public leaderboard and 114 teams described their solution in a report uploaded to the Knowledge Pit platform.

All top-ranked teams used neural networks in their solutions and the winners focused only on the convolutional neural networks. Another popular approach was the utilization of xgboost algorithm. There were also much simpler approaches which turned to be efficient, such as the logistic regression models. Moreover, all of these methods were often combined – techniques such as averaging, bagging or stacking were commonly used to obtain better prediction results.

Our own paper summarizing the competition results „Helping AI to Play Hearthstone: AAIA’17 Data Mining Challenge” passed the review stage and is ready for the publication as a part of the conference’s proceedings.

It was the most popular competition among challenges organized at Knowledge Pit to this day. Thanks to all of you who participated!

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AAIA’17 Data Mining Challenge Concluded

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