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Silver Bullet

Silver Bullet

Silver Bullet Labs Sp. z o.o.[Llc.] a team of software specialists that, for several years now, have been architecting and implementing systems that support business processes.

The main focus of the company has been the implementation of high-performance solutions in the following areas:

Service Desk
Field Force
IT Service Desk
Asset Management
Project Management


The solutions created by Silver Bullet are addressed to medium and large companies from the following industries: financial, telecommunications, insurance, banking, media service and delivery, and production.

In the second half of 2015, Silver Bullet decided to create a new business line. It started the preparation for game programming for mobile devices. In the first phase, it was decided to focus on thedigitization of board and card games – sub-genre of puzzle games. We chose the Red7, a renowned card game, produced by an American company Asmadi Games.

On January 14 2016, the Silver Bullet signed an agreement with Asmadi Games, which gave the company the exclusive right to use all the elements of the game (mechanics, graphics, name) in the electronic game that is being created. One of the key challenges in creating Red7 version for mobile devices was to create an artificial intelligence module, which would allow players to play against the computer.

On June 3-5 2016, during Pixel Heaven games fair, Silver Bullet publicly announced plans to enter the electronic games market and showed an early version of Red7. Since August 1 2016, there have been conducted beta tests of Red7. On October 11 2016 first Red7 copies had been sold.

Our Team

the (non-AI) team
the brains behind the genius

Prof. Krzysztof Stencel, Ph.D., D.Sc. Scientific Advisor
Prof. Jacek Mańdziuk, Ph.D., D.Sc. Scientific Advisor
Przemysław Dąbrowski Investors Relations
/Supervisor of Product Development
Michał Chodakowski Supervisor of Project Management
Jacek Puczniewski Supervisor of R&D
Tomasz Ludziejewski, Ph.D. Program Manager
Maciej Świechowski Ph.D., Eng. Scientific Manager
/Head of R&D
Maciej Figatowski System Architect
Piotr Beling Ph.D. MCTS Lead Scientist
Andrzej Janusz Ph.D. DNN Lead Scientist